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124 E Santa Clara ST
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 998-9990 have CD-Rom and DVD Rom Drive is used for storing data and interactive sequences as well as audio and video. At Fix Laptop we have a large selection of branded Laptop CDRom / CD Writer and DVD Rom / DVD Writer.

dell cd-rom (for dell inspiron or latitude)
dell cd/dvd-rom (include installed dvd software)
dell dvd/cd-rw/cd-rom
ibm thinkpad 600 600E 600X CD-ROM
ibm thinkpad 600 600E 600X DVD/CD-ROM (include installed dvd software)
ibm thinkpad T20 T21 T22 T23 T30 DVD/CD-ROM
ibm thinkpad T20 T21 T22 T23 T30 DVD/CD-RW/CD-ROM
dell d600 d610 DVD+RW/CD-ROM
HP ominbook 900 external cd-rom case with cable
external dvd/cd-rw for all laptop
external cd-rw/cd-rom for all laptop
dell dockstation for inspiron or latitude $20
IBM dockstation for T30 $10
IBM dockstation for T20 T21 T22 T23 $10

Laptop DC Power Jack is an external power supply for laptop computers it is also called an ďAC adapter,?it contains a rectifier to convert AC current to DC and a transformer to convert voltage from 120 down to 9, 12, 15 or whatever is required. Repair Laptop carries a complete line of Laptop AC Adapters.

dell ac adapter(PA-6)
dell ac adapter(PA-10 PA-12)
sony ac adapter (19.5V or 16V)
compaq ac adapter
hp ac adapter(19v)
toshiba ac adapter(15v)
ibm ac adapter fit thinkpad 350 360 700 720 750 755 and 755c
ibm ac adapter fit thinkpad 600 600E 600X
ibm ac adapter fit thinkpad T20 T21 T23 T30 T40 T41 T42
ac adapter for ibook yo yo
ac adapter for ibook powerbook 45W G3/G4
ac adapter for ibook powerbook 65W G3/G4
more laptop ac adapters (a mix box of adapters, so take your laptop to here for test)
Repair Laptop carries a number of manufacturer recommended Laptop Memory modules, ideal for upgrading your laptop memory.

256mb pc2700 200 pin
512mb pc2700 200 pin
512mb pc2100 200 pin
1gb pc2700 200 pin
512mb ddr2-pc400
1gb ddr2-pc533mhz
2gb ddr2-pc667mhz
64mb pc100 144 pin
64mb EDO 144 pin
128mb pc100 144 pin
256mb pc100 144 pin
128mb pc133 144 pin
256mb pc133 144 pin
512mb pc133 144 pin
64mb pc66 144 pin
128mb pc66 144 pin
256mb for ibook G3
NOTE: IF you donít know what kind of memory for your laptop or ibook, take them with you for testing.

The other Store
813 W El Camino Real
Mountain View,CA 94040
(650) 567-9990

Repair Laptop Reference:

IBM support: 1-800-426-7378

DELL support: 1-800-624-9896

HP/Compaq support: 800-474-6836

SONY support: 1-888-476-6972

Toshiba support: 1-800-457-7777

ACER support: 1-408-533-7700

FUJITSU support: 1-800-8FUJITSU

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